Families can be murder

What if the only way to find out what happened to your mother, was to actually become her?

After weight loss and growing her hair long for the first time, Hannah Davidson is un-nerved to realise that she is now the spitting image of her mother.  And Hannah is the exact same age that her mother was when she was murdered twenty-three years ago. It is strange enough for dowdy Hannah to be compared with her glamourous mother, but when her dementia-riven father Philip starts confusing them and talks to her as if she really is her mother, she is seriously unnerved.

With her father’s health rapidly failing, Hannah seeks out her estranged brother Reece, now a famous actor.  But Reece’s certainty that their father killed their mother has not dimmed with time.  Hannah is sure he’s innocent and starts to use her likeness to her mother to elicit information from everyone who knew her.   But as she starts to close in on the murderer, Hannah starts to worry that her mother’s presence is overtaking her.

We all wonder how like our parents we really are, sometimes with fondness, sometimes with horror.  This novel follows Hannah as she tries to escape the shadow of her parents’ genes and actions.  It explores many themes: of splintered siblings and how children can have identical upbringings but contrasting memories; dealing with grief; fear of change; the damage done by hidden secrets; the positive side of obsessiveness; and the triumph of the will to find answers and never give up.

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The Daughter

“This compelling, beautifully written novel is a must-read for anyone who has ever had family dramas to contend with. I raced through it and was utterly gripped throughout. More importantly, it’s utterly unique.”


“Liz Webb’s THE DAUGHTER is a breathless exciting debut’”


“A page turner about family, fame and the secrets behind closed doors, that will keep you guessing until the end.”


“A riveting debut with an unforgettable protagonist. This is a thriller laced with dark humour that will make you laugh and gasp in equal measure. Not to be missed!”

author of The Wreckage

“The Daughter is a thrilling and pacy debut which kept me guessing right until the end.”

author of The Call of Cassandra Rose

“Fast paced with gothic undertones, this debut novel cuts a fascinating path between psychological family drama and murder mystery. It should win Webb many fans.”

New York Times bestselling author of The Girl from the Channel Islands

“Like peeling the juiciest onion; Liz serves up, delicious layer after layer, an absolute delight of dark revelations.”

author of Any Day Now

“Move over Paula Hawkins, there is a new thriller Queen in town.”

author of Ember

“Trying to mix comedy with psychological thriller-writing is risky, but Liz Webb has pulled it off with this beautifully observed, darkly funny and surprisingly tender debut. Webb’s perfectly tuned one-liners and powerful understanding of loss make this truly stand out in a noisy marketplace that only rarely delivers such a thoughtful, pitch-perfect read.”


“A gothic heroine for our times bestrides this dark, intriguing and, at times, laugh-out-loud, thriller. A relatable four-dimensional character, constant surprises and twisting turns keep the narrative sprinting along. Totally engrossing.”


“Masterful writing – can’t believe this is a debut”

author of Sweetpea

“Webb has created an extraordinarily compelling character in Hannah Davidson, one I won’t forget for a long time. Darkly funny and beautifully written, The Daughter is a fantastic debut. An exciting new author has hit the scene and I’m already anticipating her future work.”

author of All the Little Things

The Daughter is so well written it draws you in from the first page and the brilliant structure and compelling characters grab you and keep you guessing right up to the end. Liz Webb has done such a brilliant job.”

author of Don’t Look Now

“Laced with sarcastic humour that is fresh and sharply observed, The Daughter explores family resentments in a twisty psychological thriller perfect for fans of Sophie Hannah and Louise Candlish.”

author of The Storytellers

Listen to an extract

Hear an extract of The Daughter read by Clare Corbett

Read an extract

Download the first chapter of The Daughter

free short story

‘The Fox Yelp’ – featuring Hannah, the heroine of my new novel ‘The Daughter’, when she was younger, in a separate incident from the book.

Listen to an extract

Hear an extract of The Daughter read by Clare Corbett

Read an extract

Download the first chapter of The Daughter

free short story

‘The Fox Yelp’ – featuring Hannah, the heroine of my new novel ‘The Daughter’, when she was younger, in a separate incident from the book.


Lying Comes Frighteningly Easy To Me

Lying Comes Frighteningly Easy To Me

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Bitter Quince

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